The Ultra-Fine Pixel Pitch LED Video Display with Smart Brightness Technology

High Resolution

Superb detail in lifelike images. Designed for Full UHD, 4K and 8K. Optimized in 3D. Available from 1.0 millimeter (mm) pitch with the cutting edge technology MBI 5153 (PWI) chip.

Seamless Image

A unique 6-axis perfect alignment with seamlessly tight tolerances and brightness compensation for a full perfect image.

Optimized for vivid images

Each cube display is 640mm x 360mm x 55mm. Create any display configuration. 24 Bit color processing supported and refresh rate is 3840Hz, flicker free.

Front Serviceable Design

Cube modules are designed for quick full front servicing and easy maintenance. A specially designed magnetic handle removes and replaces the module.

Flexible Installation

Easily configured into large fixed installations, abstract, linear, landscape or portrait. Mounting units easily connect together. Can be either indoor Wall or Hanging/Flown Mounted.

Ultra-Slim Design

The cube display is only 2 inches deep when installed. Flat back and no external cables.

Safety and Stability

The cube module incorporates a dual power control and data backup system, as well as four backup supports for reliability and 24/7 applications.

2 Year Warranty

Parts & In-Factory Labor. Each cube display comes with additional LED modules for instant change out

Technical Specs

Pixel Calibration: 

Standard color and brightness calibration





Color temperature:


Drive Mode:

Constant current

Frame frequency:


Refresh rate:

 High; 3480

Video Processing:

 High; 3480

Lifetime (hours):


Lifetime (hours):


Operating Temp (F):



16.31 Lbs

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